Public Safety

Through four generations of Project 25 (P25) advancements, Motorola remains the industry innovator in Mission Critical two-way communications. Today, as government and public safety agencies look for anywhere, anytime communications, Motorola offers the broadest portfolio of P25 two-way radios and accessories.

Motorola high-performance mobile and portable radios are compatible with the ASTRO® 25 integrated voice and data network, which delivers advanced features and unsurpassed reliability. From single site to state-wide deployments, Motorola is a trusted partner for expanding, enhancing, and integrating voice and data communications that meet current requirements as well as future demands. Reliable, accurate, real-time information can make the difference between a difficult and a successful outcome. ASTRO® 25 networks, our Project 25 standards-based mission critical networks, provide integrated voice and data communications for emergency response and coordinated communications during and after an incident.

Keep your personnel and the community safer than ever before with the mission critical designed portable radios that deliver interoperability, best-in class audio quality and intuitive performance

Select from most advanced lineup of P25 two-way portable radios to create a customer solution that meets your agencies' needs.

Motorola P25 Portable Radios

Motorola XTS 1500
  • Motorola APX™ 1000
  • Motorola APX™ 4000
  • Motorola APX™ 4000XE
  • Motorola APX™ 6000
  • Motorola APX™ 6000 XE
  • Motorola APX™ 7000
  • Motorola APX™ 7000 XE

Motorola P25 Mobile Radios

Motorola XTL 1500
  • Motorola APX™ 4500
  • Motorola APX™ 6500
  • Motorola APX™ 7500

Motorola P25 Dispatch Consoles

Motorola MIP 5000
  • Motorola MCC 5500 Console
  • Motorola MCC 7500 Console
  • Motorola MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console

Mobile Workstations

Motorola MW810

Optimized For Mobility. Optimized For Wireless

The Motorola MW810 rugged fixed-mount computer provides reliable, mobile wireless connectivity and computing power for mission-critical applications. The high-performance computing platform is optimized to deliver seamless mobility at highway speeds. Motorola’s three-piece design allows flexible installation options, including choice and location of CPU, display, and backlit keyboards.

In-Car Video Cameras

Motorola MVX1000

MVX1000 In-Car Digital Video System

The solid-state hard drive records video, audio, and GPS location. At the station, download data to the server – wirelessly, or over a wire. Video, audio, and data streams can be reviewed or exported as evidence. Correlate video from multiple cars – or with additional software, integrate fixed-video feeds and audio logs to reconstruct an incident, minutes or months after it occurs.

License Plate Recognition


Automatic License Plate Recognition Solution

Enhance your officers' safety and productivity while maximizing your department's revenue. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) delivers the ability to read vehicle license plates and check them against an installed database for rapid identity verification. The system has been used to locate stolen or wanted vehicles and identify parking-ticket scofflaws.

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